Give your room an inviting feeling with the ivory baroque candle chandelier

Are you looking for that fairy lights effect with real flame? Then why not ivory baroque candle chandelier. It is one of the most popular options in the market. With lights that looks like candles, these wonderful chandelier usus glass hurricanes to keep the flames corralled.

When you are thinking of purchasing the ivory baroque candle chandelier, the first thing you should think about is the material. The most commonly used material is the iron. This chandelier is made of high quality imported Iron and acrylic and includes a hanging chain. Other materials include glass which can be alo great option for a formal dining room. Another thing you should consider in the number of lights. This can be helpful in narrowing your option to specific type of candle chandeliers. Depending on the amount of lights needed in the space, you will need to milit the candles to your preferences.

If you are a regular shopper at all glass tore, you can find plenty of selection available. If not, you can use the filters on the page to browse other available candle chandeliers in different styles and designs including, coastal, industrial and glam.

Why you should get tempered glass dinnerware?

A nice dinnerware is essential in every home. Whether you are a recently married couple who just moved into your new home, or you just decided to live independently, you need to get yourself well-made dinnerware set. In order to avoid buying dishes that are prone to chipping, scratching, breaking, or staining the all glass store offer a wide range of selection when it comes to dinnerware including tempered glass dinnerware.

The tempered glass dinnerware will help making your dining experience better. This must have dinnerware addition is break resistant. It offers the advantage of being chip and scratch resistant, as well as microwave safe. They are more durable than traditional porcelain pieces. You don’t have to worry about accidental drops of your favorite tempered glass dinnerware pieces.

The tempered glass dinnerware will give a nice impression if you have guests coming over for dinner or lunch. They make food looks delicious and more appealing. At all glass store online website, you can find a range of selection of tempered glass dinnerware in different shapes and designs. You can either purchase individual pieces or buy a whole set.

Why glass decor for weddings is the best

When it comes to décor ideas for a wedding, the chances are innumerable. However, one style that often stands out the most is usually the glass decor for weddings. People use this style of decoration because it’s simple, elegant and sophisticating.

When we talk about glass decor for weddings, we’re talking about the champagne and wine glasses. These wines glasses are usually beautiful wrapped and decorated in colored rope .They can be customized to suit the theme of your wedding. We are also talking about glass milk vases and centerpieces. Stuffed with beautiful set of flowers, they form an eye-catching focal item. At all glass store, you can find the best and perfect glass decor for weddings. The store carries a wide range of elegant yet cheap wedding decorations to make your special day extra memorable and breathtaking.

It has everything you need to transform your wedding venue into the perfect place for the extraordinary occasion. Browse through our selection of fun, elegant and cheap wedding favors, including attractive table pieces, lighting, charger plates and many more. Best of all, you can choose durable materials, like glass. It offers high-quality wedding decorations at affordable prices. Depending on your preferences you will find

what you like.

Add a vintage touch to your space with eagle glass top table

The fact that there are plenty of living room tables these days, choosing one can be a real challenge. At All Glass Store, you can find plenty of different designs, materials and shapes. It offers an easy way for you to freely choose your style and preference. However, if you are looking for something special and unique then eagle glass top table can be a great choice. It is the perfect blend of functionality and elegance.

You will probably want to ask yourself why I would want an eagle glass top table. The answer is easy. The transparent glass allows you to draw attention to the base and, instead of hiding it; it will make it stand out. It is awesome at creating the illusion of space and making a room appear larger and more airy than it actually is. For example is you have plain and minimalistic diving or living room decor, adding an eagle glass top table can add an astonishing touch to the space.

Not only that, even if you have different interior décor, eagle glass top table glass top is quite versatile so you can include it anywhere and it will still fit perfectly. The dark tone wood will make this patriotic table looking great and unusual in vintage and traditional homes but also in modern and contemporary spaces.

Modern Bar Glassware for Sale

Are you a bar owner and you want to add some touch to your glassware? Then here we are to present to you some modern bar glassware that you might not be aware of. It has always been ignored by many but the fact is that your glassware can be one of the ways of attracting customers to your club.

If I may ask, have you ever gone to a hotel or a club and got served with some old stained plates and glasses? How was the feeling? Did you request the waiter to return the order and serve you with some decent utensils? I don’t need an answer but I’m sure if you’ve ever had such an experience, that marked the end of your visit to that joint.

For those that own bars and restaurant, let’s not reach to that point as there is a variety of modern bar glassware at your disposal. Just but to mention a few, we have highball glasses, swerve glasses, hand blown glass pitcher, red wine glasses, juice glasses, white wine glasses, champagne glasses, rainbow ripple glasses and many more. The glasses are not purely for bars, there are some that can also be used at home to serve juice and water.

Glass Candle Holders for Sale

Candles are available in various designs, sizes ranging from small to king size just to enhance the look of the living room as well as that of the bedroom. To make your candle look beautiful when lighted it is important to buy designers glass candle holders that also add some touch to your interior décor.

Besides beauty, a candle holder helps to place the candle properly on the table and keeps the table clean and neat as the soot and wax does not fall on the table. Candle lighting needs to be done with a lot of care and the stand should be placed in a safe place so that it does not fall as it is can cause a fire. That notwithstanding lit candles should be kept out of reach of children as they can cause a fire when playing with them.

There is a good collection of glass candle holders in the online stores that can glam up the look of your house interior. The best thing with online shopping is that you’ll find the finest collection of candles of various prices and range. You’ll, therefore, be in a position to make the best deal.

Glass Footed Cake Plate for Sale

Are you planning for a wedding or any event that requires a cake? If yes then you are at the right place as we have a variety of glass footed cake plate that you can make use of and make your occasion look glamorous.

You could be asking why glass footed cake plate and not any other. Good question! If you browse our online stores you’ll just be amazed by the beauty, quality, and designs. I’m sure you’ll be lost of choice as everything is appealing to the eyes. Our cake plates are stable as the base is made of glass which carries the weight and therefore there are no chances of your cake falling or being blown by the wing.

Since the plate is not for one time use it is important that you purchase something that has a long lifespan as you can as well give it out for hire during occasions. With our items, you can rest assured of long life as they are all made of quality material and made by experts. Also, our prices are pocket-friendly and you don’t have to break the bank to own one.

Round Glass Vases for Sale Online

Flowers are great, aren’t they? They are natural, beautiful and make people smile. They clean the air and improve smell in a room, brighten up a room and your mood too, complement your interior design, make you feel and think better. However, you cannot have flowers in your house without a place to put them. This, therefore, calls for the need of a vase. Worry not as we have round glass vases for sale in our online stores.

There is a variety of flower vases out there but believe you me none can compare to ours. The vases that we have are beautiful and will just make your house look glamorous. They come in a variety of colors and designs hence you’ve got a chance to choose what meets your swag. Just but to mention a few of vases available, we have vase art glass whale, vase ruby ribbon, cut glass vase, vase set for classic sand ceremony, heart-shaped sand ceremony vase set, art glass vase and many more.

With all the available round glass vases for sale in our online stores, I can guarantee you of a perfect match to your house interior and one that meets your taste and swag. Hurry and make your order now.

A Symbol of Unity with Glass Décor for Weddings

The Unity Sand Ceremony adds uniqueness and spiritualism to any wedding ceremony.  This ceremony has deep roots in Hebrew and Christian heritage.  From Hebrew tradition that Salt Covenant was used in exchange of friendship and business agreements.  Hebrew men would carry a small bag of salt with them for doing business.  Once the salt is mixed it would not be separated which made every transaction final and everlasting.  In modern days the salt ceremony is often used to bring two families together.  As when there are children from each partner who are symbolically adopted at the time of the marriage and the mixing of these colored salts into the larger vase representing the new family unity.  

In Christianity a similar tradition used in weddings is the lighting of the unity candles.  Beautiful vases and glass décor for weddings are available at The  Using the Sand Ceremony will be just one of thing that family and friends will remember about your wedding.  These beautiful vases can be displayed in a special place in your home.  They will be conversation pieces in your living or dining room.  Find all you need at the  

Animal Glass Figurines for Sale

Do you want to add beauty to your home interior? If yes, then grab some animal glass figurines from our online shop. Besides using them for home décor you can also buy them as gifts to offer to your loved ones during their special occasions. They are unique items and therefore form a perfect gift to present to your loved ones during their special occasions such as birthday, wedding or graduation.

We have all sorts of designs that you may think of, so you can rest assured of getting one that meets your swag. Just but to mention a few we have crystal hedgehog glass figurine, handmade goldfish, lovely dragonfly figurine, glass elephant figurine, glass small blue crab figurine, hand blown glass gecko lizard, turtle lamp stained glass and many more.

These animal glass figurines add glamour to your collection. They not only add beauty but they can also be attractive to kids and also help them to identify different types of animals. Given the above benefits, there is no reason as to why you should not invest in them as we have seen it is not a waste of resources.