Glass Footed Cake Plate for Sale

Are you planning for a wedding or any event that requires a cake? If yes then you are at the right place as we have a variety of glass footed cake plate that you can make use of and make your occasion look glamorous.

You could be asking why glass footed cake plate and not any other. Good question! If you browse our online stores you’ll just be amazed by the beauty, quality, and designs. I’m sure you’ll be lost of choice as everything is appealing to the eyes. Our cake plates are stable as the base is made of glass which carries the weight and therefore there are no chances of your cake falling or being blown by the wing.

Since the plate is not for one time use it is important that you purchase something that has a long lifespan as you can as well give it out for hire during occasions. With our items, you can rest assured of long life as they are all made of quality material and made by experts. Also, our prices are pocket-friendly and you don’t have to break the bank to own one.

Round Glass Vases for Sale Online

Flowers are great, aren’t they? They are natural, beautiful and make people smile. They clean the air and improve smell in a room, brighten up a room and your mood too, complement your interior design, make you feel and think better. However, you cannot have flowers in your house without a place to put them. This, therefore, calls for the need of a vase. Worry not as we have round glass vases for sale in our online stores.

There is a variety of flower vases out there but believe you me none can compare to ours. The vases that we have are beautiful and will just make your house look glamorous. They come in a variety of colors and designs hence you’ve got a chance to choose what meets your swag. Just but to mention a few of vases available, we have vase art glass whale, vase ruby ribbon, cut glass vase, vase set for classic sand ceremony, heart-shaped sand ceremony vase set, art glass vase and many more.

With all the available round glass vases for sale in our online stores, I can guarantee you of a perfect match to your house interior and one that meets your taste and swag. Hurry and make your order now.

A Symbol of Unity with Glass Décor for Weddings

The Unity Sand Ceremony adds uniqueness and spiritualism to any wedding ceremony.  This ceremony has deep roots in Hebrew and Christian heritage.  From Hebrew tradition that Salt Covenant was used in exchange of friendship and business agreements.  Hebrew men would carry a small bag of salt with them for doing business.  Once the salt is mixed it would not be separated which made every transaction final and everlasting.  In modern days the salt ceremony is often used to bring two families together.  As when there are children from each partner who are symbolically adopted at the time of the marriage and the mixing of these colored salts into the larger vase representing the new family unity.  

In Christianity a similar tradition used in weddings is the lighting of the unity candles.  Beautiful vases and glass décor for weddings are available at The  Using the Sand Ceremony will be just one of thing that family and friends will remember about your wedding.  These beautiful vases can be displayed in a special place in your home.  They will be conversation pieces in your living or dining room.  Find all you need at the  

Animal Glass Figurines for Sale

Do you want to add beauty to your home interior? If yes, then grab some animal glass figurines from our online shop. Besides using them for home décor you can also buy them as gifts to offer to your loved ones during their special occasions. They are unique items and therefore form a perfect gift to present to your loved ones during their special occasions such as birthday, wedding or graduation.

We have all sorts of designs that you may think of, so you can rest assured of getting one that meets your swag. Just but to mention a few we have crystal hedgehog glass figurine, handmade goldfish, lovely dragonfly figurine, glass elephant figurine, glass small blue crab figurine, hand blown glass gecko lizard, turtle lamp stained glass and many more.

These animal glass figurines add glamour to your collection. They not only add beauty but they can also be attractive to kids and also help them to identify different types of animals. Given the above benefits, there is no reason as to why you should not invest in them as we have seen it is not a waste of resources.

Get the Best glass wedding gifts Online

Are you having a friend’s wedding and you are confused about what gift to give the lovely couple? Worry not as we have some glass wedding gifts that you can choose from. When thinking of a gift whether for a birthday party, graduation, anniversary or a wedding, it is always advisable that you get a unique item that stands out among other items. This makes the person receiving the gift to always remember as opposed to giving an ordinary item that every other person is thinking about.

We have a variety of glass wedding gifts such as pressed glass flute, glass candle holder, glass beer mag, vase ruby ribbon, oval candy dish, cocktail shaker, champagne glasses flutes, glass serving plates, glass pitcher, highball glasses and many more that you can choose from.

Our glasses are made of quality material and therefore we can guarantee long life. They are all classic and stylish and will definitely add to the beauty of your kitchen or dining. They are the best wedding gifts that you can ever find. There are so many types of glasses out there in the online stores but I can assure you that none can compare to what we are offering.

Hand Blown Glass Figurines for Sale

Home decors are very important in life as they not only cater for home aesthetic beauty but also its functionality. People have different personalities and lifestyles and thus what might look attractive and beautiful to one person may be pathetic to the other. Decorate your home with hand blown glass figurines as that is the in thing nowadays. Don’t be left behind, I can guarantee that you’ll get a perfect match as we’ve catered for different tastes and preferences.

In our online stores, we’ve stocked a variety of blown glass figurines that you can choose from. I can guarantee you that you’ll appreciate the ambiance that the hand blown glass figurines will bring into your home. Stop dwelling in old-fashioned decors as all that you need to improve your home interior is available at very affordable prices

Home decoration comes with a lot of benefits such as; it can help conceal some design flaws, it improves the value of a home, but the overall purpose is to make the home attractive. Investing in home decors is therefore not a waste of resources and you should ensure that it’s well thought as it is a long-term investment.

Get the Best Blown Glass Bottles

Are you out there looking for a perfect gift that you can give your loved one on his or her special occasion? You can shop from the various types of blown glass bottles that are available in the online stores. A good number of people don’t take gifting seriously, but this can impact someone’s life and change once perception towards you all together. It is therefore important to present a gift that is well thought in advance rather than just rushing into a shop and picking anything to present as a gift.

Blown glass bottles can be perfect gifts, so if you are out there stranded or confused on what type of gift to offer to your friend, we already have a solution for you. The bottles come in different sizes, designs, and color and thus you have a wide range to choose from. They are beautiful and thus can also be used for home decor to add beauty to your home interior. The bottle can be put into other various uses such as perfume storage, flower vase etc.

A change is as good as arrest and it is the high time that people shift from just offering ordinary gifts to unique and eye-catching gifts. The bottles are durable and can guarantee a long life. You’ll also be surprised that besides the amazing beauty they are pocket-friendly.

Wall hangings for sale facts to consider

There are a lot of points to consider while selecting the best wall hanging for sale, either it’s for your house or office. The number one rule when buying a wall hanging is, always pick that which you love. That’s very obvious. If you come across a piece of art that does not bring that feeling of enjoyment and relaxation, don’t go for it and don’t even think of putting it on your wall. If you make a mistake know that you are doing it to your house and it’s your hard earned money that is going to waste.

Another critical fact to consider when buying wall hangings is the size that you want. Going to the shop or let’s say gallery without the clear picture of the size you wish to could be very tricky and confusing. It’s essential to pick small sized wall hangings for places like the bathroom and large sizes for living rooms.

The other thing which is important is choosing the best wall hanging according to your style. The style we may say is a personal thing. Always pick the best art that suits the style of your room. When it comes to a variety of wall hangings, no place does it better than the All glass store. They have the most fantastic wall hangings for sale.

Why tile glass mirror should be your number one choice for wall decoration

When glass mirror tiles are used to decorate the walls, not only do they bring beauty but they also make the room appear large. They also enhance the brightness of the entire room. If you have a kitchen or bathroom wall that needs retouching, I would recommend these glass tiles for you. These mirrored glasses create a shimmering reflective effect that is very cool and appealing.

You can choose to apply the glass mirror tiles on the entire wall or a specific area if you are working on your kitchen. If it’s in the bedroom, you can use the tiles in place where you would prefer placing your mirror. These mirror tiles create depth in the room and give life to your dull looking walls. Mixing the tiles with colored ones adds unmatched beauty.

Tile glass mirror makes your wall waterproof because glass does not absorb moisture, and it’s also easy to clean. Mildew and mold don’t grow on the glass either, and that’s very advantageous of these tiles. Glass tiles are eco-friendly since they are made from recycled material and are recyclable later. One other advantage of these tiles is that you use less energy when making them than in other ceramics.

Benefits of decorative glass palates

Decorated glass plates have been around from a long time ago; this is due to their beauty and function ability. Glass, as we know, can be easily forged and can be used to make a lot of different sized plates. The glass plates can withstand high and low temperatures and this makes it suitable for the manufacture of decorative glass plates.

Decorative plates can be used to serve meals and also as home decor. They are easy to clean and can stay attractive for years. Glass plates are long-lasting since the glass does not rust or rot. Glass can be forged and pressed into different forms thus creating room for creativity and production of various plate sizes.

Decorative glass plates are abrasion resistant. Their high quality makes them retain their glamorous appearance for quite a long time. There are a few disadvantages of glass. For example, glass is very brittle thus its decorated plates can easily break if dropped with an impact. Glass also can break due to sudden temperature changes; therefore, these plates need great care. However, decorative glass plates are a decent way of serving different meals, and their shiny look makes the dinner set look enticing.